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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Friendly, funny, energetic and attentive. These are the 4 characteristics which describe me the most,and everybody can see these during the events. I bought my first camera in 2011, after my high school graduation and photography quickly became one of my hobbies. I started to photograph small events but while shooting for a wedding service company I could also experience the beautiful atmosphere of weddings.

So in 2015 I finally decided: I will be an event photographer !

From that day on this has been my job. I go to every event full of energy and positivity. I am grateful that my hobby is also my job, even more than that, a lifestyle. Following the example of my grandfather I learned to love, to appreciate this job, and to do it with positive attitude and energy. In every minute of every event I am searching for the unique moments, emotions, laughs, tears, hugs because every event is different but beautiful because of their uniqueness, because of their protagonists. I do my best to know the main characters of the events, their friends and families, to be a part of them and so to avoid the phrases like: “Look out, the photographer is here!” and to transform them in phrases like: “Wow, look, I didn’t even notice and he took some nice pictures of us!”.

I live in Transylvania, Romania more exactly in the city of Targu-Mures but I am open to photograph everywhere, because my other hobby is travelling. I am also grateful that photography gave me the opportunity to visit many places, cities and even countries !

A photographer who really likes what he does, which is why he does his job in a very professional way. He's very attentive to every move and captures moments that not everyone can do! A very ordinary person with whom everyone can communicate very openly and he can get the most out of a person or group to make a good photo ! He always puts a sincere smile on people's faces, he's very positive and in a good mood, which he easily transmits to others! He has everything so the pictures can talk themselves. Thank you for being our photographer on the most important day for us!


Miracle Day! Miracle wedding! The recipe for the perfect wedding is to have the right people on your side. That's true for your partner, with whom on the wedding day you'll feel liberated. This is true for the family members who can help and advise you while respecting your ideas. And that's true of the photographer! For us, the most important aspect of choosing a photographer was to capture the event as it happened! Alpar brought his creative ideas while respecting our ideas! We didn't want to look back on some art product over the years, but the glamour in the eyes, the love, the joy, the funny moments and the bloopers. And that's how it was perfect for us! Alpar has captured a lot of emotions for us in the pictures, for which we are grateful! Flexibility, creativity, professionalism - we got it all! Thank you again, Alpar.