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7 reasons why it’s worth making an After Wedding photo session

We started the wedding season and at the same time, we start the After Wedding photo sessions.

What are After Wedding photo sessions? They also do appear under the names Trash the Dress or Love the Dress. These are photo sessions that take place on a day other than the wedding day.

I often receive questions from future brides and grooms about these sessions, to tell more about them, what they mean, when they are done, and what else is to know, respectively where they can be done. So, I decided to write some useful articles here, on my website about these sessions.

I start by listing 7 reasons why it's worth making an After Wedding photo session:


Most of the time at weddings, we have between 30-60 minutes with the newlyweds for a photo session. However, in this interval, we also have to take the road to the respective location and back.

Let’s not include some delays here. Obviously, in this case, some time from the photo session is lost. Also, being a very busy day with emotions, stress, and haste, the newlyweds are not always in the mood for a photo session and would prefer a few minutes of rest, a coffee break, a cigarette break.

We encourage the newlyweds to come outside for a few photos with the beautiful lights of the sunset or a few evening silhouettes, but often, by bringing them out, we risk stopping the party, and this is not good at all for our musician colleagues. Plus, at that time, the hair and makeup are probably not as they were at the beginning.

The After Wedding photo session, on the other hand, is not limited by time; no one rushes us from feeling good and taking beautiful and creative photos. Usually, we photograph for 2-3 hours, depending on locations and light.


Not only time is our “enemy” at the photo session on the wedding day. Often unexpected problems arise for the newlyweds. There were problems with the guest list, with unexpected guests, and they, by receiving calls from parents or from the reception, could no longer pay attention to the photoshoot. In addition to this stress of everything being OK at the reception, stress also arises for the first dance. Especially if the newlyweds have choreography. The After Wedding photo session, on the other hand, is stress-free. We have nothing to do with the worries of the wedding day, and we can enjoy ourselves and taking beautiful and creative photos.


Anyone who knows me knows well that I am a fan of sunsets. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love sunsets? It may be the most beautiful part of the day. Those special colors that enchant us then. And at daytime weddings, we usually have the photo session in the middle of the day when the sun is high up, so we can’t enjoy the sunset lights. And as I wrote above, it may not be a good time to call them out of the party when it’s sunset. The After Wedding photo session helps us take beautiful photos at sunset, not only when we have a daytime wedding and we can’t take photos at sunset, but also when we have a nighttime wedding because regardless of the type of wedding, we can’t control the weather. It may be rainy or cloudy weather, and we won’t have a sunset. Instead, for the After Wedding photo session, we choose the day, and of course, we try to find a day with good weather so that we can take photos at sunset.


On the wedding day, we always help the couple find a beautiful location that is also close to the wedding venue because, as I mentioned before, time is not on our side. Therefore, we are limited to certain locations, and the After Wedding photo shoot gives us the opportunity to take pictures wherever the couple desires. There are cases – and we encourage it – when the couple has a location with a particular significance to their relationship, or they want to take photos at the same place they went for their honeymoon. Regardless of this, we always ask where they would like to go: the mountains, the sea, the forest, a lake, a hill, etc. and based on that, we recommend places where we have been or where other colleagues have been.


In the past, my After Wedding photo shoot was called Trash the Dress, and some would ask me, “What is that, Alpar?” I had to explain that it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to get the dress dirty. But of course, if we go to the beach, a lake, or even in a field, we can get it dirty. The After Wedding photo shoot also helps the couple be more relaxed about their clothes. Why? Because it’s not okay to get the dress or shoes dirty before entering the venue on the wedding day… who knows if the dirt can be removed in a few minutes, and if not, then what do we do at the wedding? However, at the After Wedding photo shoot, we can do whatever we want… well, if the dress is rented, we still have to be careful, but not as much as on the wedding day.


I have more and more clients with furry members, and I’m happy about that. Pets are always a plus for me and for the couple, as they bring unexpected moments, unique, and funny moments, and they bring an extra smile to their faces. But on the wedding day, we still have to be careful sometimes because we have to take care of the dress and suit. Besides, bringing them to the photo shoot location can be an extra concern because it requires a person to take care of the pets, to bring them and take them back. However, the After Wedding photo shoot helps us to take photos without disturbing others to take care of the transportation of the animals, and we no longer have any worries about the dress and suit. Well, if the dress is rented, we still have to pay a little attention.


After Wedding photo shoots are not just about photos. They are about memories. Memories from a fun trip, memories with the photographer who was with us on our wedding day, and with whom we have made a great friendship. Yes, we have had this pleasure often, and we are happy that we have remained friends with many of our clients, and that we have had a great trip with them, where we have taken beautiful and creative photos. A trip to the beach, the mountains, a city-break combined with a photo shoot doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

Now that you know all these, dear future couples, where do you want to have your After Wedding photo shoot?
I will also leave some photos here for inspirations: